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We love our volunteers at Hidden Valley Elementary!


Classroom & Field Trip Volunteers

California law requires that school volunteers providing transportation on field trips and/or working with children in the classroom be free of infectious tuberculosis (California Education Code, Section 49406 and Health and Safety Code, Section 121525).  Both the TB Risk Assessment Questionnaire and the TB Skin Test must be administered by a healthcare provider (physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or registered nurse).


Please submit your proof of TB Risk Assessment Questionnaire or TB Skin Test as soon as possible if you plan to volunteer in your child's classroom.  Should you have any questions, please contact our Health Tech, Lisa Phillips, at (707)890-3925 or email her at


TB Risk Assessment or TB Skin Test Examination Report form

Field Trip Driver Volunteers

The Field Trip form must be used when personally owned vehicles of employees, parents, and volunteers are used for school sponsored activities.  Please complete the form, attach a copy of your driver's license, and Insurance Declaration page, and turn-in to your child's teacher in advance of planned field trips.


Please note:  The "Insurance Declaration" page is necessary; it provides proof of coverage limit amounts and meets the criteria as noted on the form.  A copy of your Proof of Insurance card is most often insufficient.


Field Trip Information form

More Ways to Volunteer

Consider joining the Parent Faculty Organization (PFO) here at HVES.  There are plenty of ways you can help!  

Contact PFO Presidents, Kelly Kane or Jenica Leonard for more information.