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Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind is a creative problem-solving competition.  Teams of 5-7 students, under the guidance of their coach(es), solve one of the fun, new problems offered each year.  Students brainstorm and evaluate their ideas, create a skit that is less than 8 minutes long, and create ALL of the materials they need for their skit & to solve the problem WITHOUT any help from parents, friends, etc. 

Hidden Valley has a long tradition of creating teams that compete and do well in a Regional Tournament in late February/early March.  They often advance and compete in the State Tournament in late March/early April.  We've even had teams that have advanced to the World Finals, competing against teams from 25 or more countries, including the top teams from other states in the U.S.

Although it is a competition, the FUN of OM is the team of students CREATING the things that they imagined.  And then seeing how different the other teams imagined their solution.  Even though they solved the same problem, no two solutions are the same.

Please consider being a COACH for a Hidden Valley team.  Students cannot participate in Odyssey of the Mind if we don't have any parents / guardians willing to coach.

Tentative Dates for 2021-2022 Season

Oct. 2 - Coaches Training

Nov. 10 - Coaches Training

Feb. 5 - Judges Training

Feb. 16 - Paperwork Training

Feb. 25 - HV OM Dress Rehearsal

Mar. 5 - Redwood Tournament, SRHS

Mar. 26 - NorCal Tournament, Sacramento

If your family cannot attend the tournament dates, it is advised to not participate this year.

The sign ups for Hidden Valley Odyssey of the Mind team are now closed.  BUT if you are a parent, willing to help coach a team, we can work at getting the student on a team.

Thank you to those who attended the Information Night on Sept. 14, and especially to the parents willing to try coaching this year. 

If you have questions contact Bob Lipman, HV OM Coordinator.